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Study in Turkey with StudySehir Educational Consultancy

Studysehir Educational Services is committed to helping students who are interested in studying in Turkey. We offer a wide range of educational counseling and academic advice services to post-secondary students who aspire to pursue their academic career in Turkey.

 Our services include providing guidance to students in selecting the best academic institution that aligns with their future aspirations and career goals. We also assist students in navigating the admission procedures, visa applications, accommodation, and language preparation required to study in Turkey.

We are dedicated to making the process of studying in Turkey a seamless experience for students.

We are a reliable and knowledgeable resource for students who want to study in Turkey. We provide comprehensive assistance and guidance to help students make informed decisions about their academic future in Turkey.

Vision - Mission - Values


Providing distinguished services with integrity and responsibility to become the most credible and reliable institution in providing consultancy and academic advice to study inTurkey.


A partnership with the student and his/her parents and academic institutions worldwide to provide an important life opportunity for the student academic achievement, through the continuous search for the best educational opportunities within Turkey and offer to our students who wish to benefit from them.


To achieve our vision, the team at StudySehir for university services practices the most important of which is the honesty of transparency and integrity which is considered before considering any kind of material gain, respecting the needs and desires of the customers until achieving them, and achieving excellence through continuous improvement of performance.

Our Services

Free Guaranteed admissions into private universities
Find adequate accommodation
Airport pickup service
Open student bank accounts
Apply for health insurance
Apply for residency permission and transportation card
Translate and certify official documents
Admission to private Arabic schools
Admission to language courses
Post-graduate services
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Because we always strive for the best and we have always believed in the importance of participation, we are offering the possibility to those who want to join a rapidly growing academic network. Join us and become our representative .

 All you need to do is to fill in the link with the required information, our management is office will contact you and guide you through the process.

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