Advertising is the art of communication that enables a product or service to be delivered to users. 

    • What are the Advertising Department Courses? 

    Those who plan to receive education in advertising will be responsible taking below lessons; 

      • Fundamentals of Advertising, 
      • Strategic planning, 
      • Marketing Communication, 
      • Communication Design, 
      • Brand Management, 
      • Copywriting, 
      • Consumer Behavior, 
      • Marketing and Communication, 
      • Advertising Graphic, 
      • Communication and Society, 
      • Communication skills, 

    and similar courses during their education. The departments will also have their own lessons. 

    • What Do Advertising Graduates Do? 

    Graduates will have the opportunity to work in all businesses, from small stores to large corporations, managing advertisements to get companies products or services in front of consumers. 


    Putting together an advertising campaign is the graduates' job to manage sales, monitor the results, and then plan, design the next advertising campaign, and write the texts to be included in the advertisements. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for Advertising Graduates? 

    While advertising careers were once limited to the printing press, television and radio, rapid advances in technology have expanded opportunities for online media as well. To learn how to get started in the competitive advertising field, you'll need to look at the various advertising careers available, from various degrees. The advertising industry has a wide range from advertising companies, the agencies that create the ads, to the media that carries the ads. Advertising graduates find themselves in these areas; 

      • Content editor, 
      • Image Producer, 
      • Brand Manager, 
      • Market Researcher, 
      • Copywriter, 
      • Digital Advertising Manager 

    may find opportunities to work in roles such as above. 



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