Cartoon and animation


    The Animation and Cartoon Department is an academic discipline that teaches the fundamental skills of animation and design, which includes both traditional (i.e. hand-drawn) and digital animation. 

    • How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Animation and Cartoon? 

    The Department of Animation and Cartoon is a 4-year undergraduate department that can be chosen from the verbal score type in the Faculty of Art and Design in some universities and the Faculty of Communication in others. 

    • What are the Courses of the Department of Animation and Cartoon? 

    Prospective students who aim to include this section in their lists when the university preference period comes; 

      • Cartoon Techniques, 
      • Animation Pattern, 
      • Computer Aided Visual Design, 
      • Animation General Design, 
      • 3D Modeling, 
      • 3D Light and Color, 
      • Scene Design in Cartoon, 
      • 2D Computer Animation Design, 
      • 3D Animation Design with Computer Assistance, 
      • Digital Fiction 

    And they will be responsible for many more courses during their 8-semester education period. If they successfully complete these courses within 4 years, they are entitled to obtain a "Animation and Cartoon Undergraduate Diploma". 

    During their education, students will learn to animate a variety of comedy walks and runs as well as a variety of cartoon actions such as double shots, shuffle runs, effects, staggers, perspective animation. 

    • What Does an Animation and Cartoon Graduate Do? 

    In the Department of Animation and Cartoon, besides reinforcing the theoretical knowledge in the field of communication with practical training, it is to contribute to the development of the existing cartoon and animation industry. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the Animation and Cartoon Department? 

    There are many career options for animation and cartoon artists who are graduates of the department. Recent graduates work in sectors below; 

      • Contact, 
      • Advertisement, 
      • Promotion, 
      • Public relations, 
      • Visual Communication, 
      • Education, 
      • Health, 

    They can find job opportunities in many sectors. 


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