Chemical Engineering


    The chemical engineer makes the substances that will participate in the production processes more useful. Chemical engineers; It can work in different fields such as the defense industry, space research, aircraft and aviation industry and electronic technology. 

    • What Does a Chemical Engineer Do? What are the Duties and Responsibilities? 

    Chemical engineers examine the chemical and physical processes of substances and ensure that products are used more efficiently with the newly developed technology. Since it is an interdisciplinary engineering branch, chemical engineers must have superior knowledge in different fields such as physics, chemistry and mathematics. Other duties of chemical engineers are as follows; 

    • To make mathematical models, 

    • Analyzing processes or process components and creating designs suitable for requirements, 

    • Trying to identify, define and solve problems related to production processes and other areas of interest, 

    • Collecting, analyzing and interpreting data. 

    • What Education Is Required To Become A Chemical Engineer? 

    People who want to become a chemical engineer must graduate from the Chemical Engineering department of universities, which provides a 4-year education. Chemical engineers usually work in private sector organizations and public affiliates 


    Requirements for a Chemical Engineer 

    Chemical engineering, as in many other engineering fields, requires high attention in the field of occupational health and safety. Chemical engineers must act by ensuring job and life safety. Apart from that, the qualifications expected from chemical engineers are listed as follows; 

      • Having a high level of knowledge in different subjects such as linear algebra, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and chemistry reactions, 
      • To continue to learn lifelong and to develop continuously in the scientific field, 
      • To be aware of professional ethics and responsibilities, 
      • To achieve quality results at the lowest cost, 
      • To be suitable for teamwork, 
      • Completed military service or being exempted 




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