Communication design



    Communication Design is a department that aims to realize designs that have an aesthetic sense by keeping up with the technological rise with a multidisciplinary understanding about the platforms where visual communication has become widespread. 


    In this education program, all kinds of technical, technological and theoretical knowledge that will help to reinforce the ability to design in areas with different concepts are included. Thus, the design processes are managed correctly and design needs can be met. 

    • What are the Courses of the Department of Communication Design? 

    If prospective students include this department in their university preference lists; 

      • Communication Skills and Academic Reporting, 
      • Computer Use for Art and Communication, 
      • Media and Communication Theories, 
      • Typography, 
      • Motion Graphics, 
      • Visual and Audio Design, 
      • User Interface Design, 
      •  Interactive Arts and Design, 
      • Interaction Design Principles, 
      • Fundamentals of Psychology 

    It means that they will be responsible for many lessons. If students successfully complete these courses within 8 semesters of education, they are entitled to obtain a "Communication Design undergraduate Diploma". 

    • What Do Communication Design Graduates Do? 

    Communication Design graduates can work as designers in software companies. In these companies, they can do web design, mobile application interface and motion picture design. 


    They can work in advertising companies and production companies as cinematographers, art directors and creative directors. 


    They can act as managers in the management and planning of cultural and artistic activities. 


    They can also work as executives and managers in the production and post-production stages of basic visual materials produced for the media. 


    Communication designers can also steer their careers in working remotely. If requested, they can prepare the required designs and prefer to work without being affiliated with any institution. 



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