• The Dentistry Program understands that oral and dental health is an important part of general health, can work independently, have critical thinking competence and problem solving skills, and have universal "access to information" and "information-use" capabilities required by the information age to protect oral and dental health; researcher, dynamic, sensitive to country problems; successful in profession and business world; open to competition; protecting our artistic, cultural and historical values; educates world-class dentists who are sensitive to public health and provide high-level health services. 

    International students who graduate from the program; 

    1. 1. Faculty of Dentistry graduates have the opportunity to work in public or as a freelance dentist. 

    1. 2. They can work in all hospitals, oral and dental health centers and polyclinics affiliated to the Ministry of Health. 

    1. 3. They can open their personal practice and work as self-employed physicians or by establishing joint polyclinics with their colleagues. 

    1. 4. They can work as a permanent dentist in private hospitals, oral health centers and polyclinics. 

    1. 5. Academic career opportunities are available at state, private and foundation universities. 

    1. 6. Graduates of the Faculty of Dentistry can obtain a doctorate of science in dentistry and basic medical sciences, and become a specialist in dentistry. 


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