Fashion and textile design


    The study of fashion and textile design is known for reviewing dress styles and trends, designing and producing new garments. As far as clothing has been, what we wear has had a significant impact on society and culture. 


    The aim of the Fashion and Textile Design Program is to train designers who can make designs in accordance with aesthetic and functional values, have the skills to create fashion and brand names, follow technological developments and have the qualifications required by the fashion industry. Projects determined by university-industry cooperation enable students to work towards production until graduation. Thus, it is aimed to give designers the ability to create fashion and brand names. 


    • How Many Years is the Education Period of the Fashion and Textile Design Department? 

    Fashion and Textile Design is a 4-year undergraduate department taught at universities within the scope of the Faculty of Fine Arts. 

    • What are the Fashion and Textile Design Department Courses? 

    Candidate students who want to complete their university education on fashion and textile design; 

      • Drawing and Expression Methods, 
      • Pattern Information, 
      • Fiber Information, 
      • Comparative History of Western Art, 
      • Print Design, 
      • Weaving Design, 
      • Batik Techniques and Application, 
      • Fashion Illustration, 
      • Mold Techniques and Application, 
      • Fashion Drawing, 
      • Freelance Design Workshop, 
      • Accessory Design, 
      • Entrepreneurship in Fashion and Design 

    They will be responsible for many other similar courses during their 8-semester education period. Students who successfully complete all these courses are entitled to obtain a "Fashion and Textile Design Undergraduate Diploma". Graduated students have the title of "Fashion Designer". 

    What Do Fashion and Textile Design Graduates Do? 

    In the fashion industry, it is to take responsibility for the design of products that are pleasing to the eye and yet useful, and to produce modern clothes in the light of the past fashion culture. 

    What are the Job Opportunities for Fashion and Textile Design Graduates? 

    For those with fashion design-related qualifications, there are many options when it comes to business. From writing for fashion publications and blogs to marketing and fashion purchasing roles, an understanding of design and trends can contribute to a wide variety of career options. 


    Similarly, many graduates may choose to increase their income through additional self-employment. This is especially true for stylists, writers and illustrators. Many may also choose to use their fashion knowledge to pursue careers in e-commerce, commerce or public relations representatives. 


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