Interior Design


Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Level: Undergraduate


Interior Design is an undergraduate degree program and the aim of the department is to train people who can produce technical drawings using art and the latest technologies and to complete their work in accordance with the standards.


Disciplined, creative, aesthetic and responsible students are among the main qualities sought in the Department of Interior Design.


How Many Years Is the Education Period of the Interior Design Department?


In the Department of Interior Design, 2-year training is given. In order for students to graduate, they must complete their 120 ECTS rights and fulfill the graduation requirements of their universities.


What are the courses of the Interior Design Department?


Interior Design Department students will be faced with design, technical drawing and many other courses during their 8-semester education life.


For prospective students who have the Department of Interior Design on their preference list;


      Basic Art Education,

      Technical Drawing,

      Construction materials,

      Basic Law,

      Design Principles and Space,

      Computer Aided Drawing,

      Upholstery Management and Textile,

      Material information,

      Conservation and Restoration,

      Production Techniques in Decoration


They will be responsible for most of the courses for 4 years, especially. If they complete these courses successfully, they will obtain the "undergraduate Degree in Interior Design".


The 4-year undergraduate departments that Interior Design students can pass with the DGS exam are listed below.





      Interior architecture,

      Interior Architecture and Environmental Design,

      Traditional Turkish Arts,

      Traditional Turkish Handicrafts


What Does an Interior Design Graduate Do?


Individuals who are graduates of the Department of Interior Design are the main duties of designing the desired products for the institutions they work with, creating technical drawings, designing projects and determining and creating the plans of the works to be done.


What are the Job Opportunities for a graduate of the Interior Design Department?


The main places where Interior Design graduates choose to work are architecture and engineering offices, furniture and decoration workshops, and restoration firms.




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