International Finance


Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Level: Undergraduate


Trade and finance, which are growing day by day, have always had great effects on people's lives.


The aim of the International Finance department is to train people who can read the detailed information of investments, capital control, marketing, trade and finance in the best way.


Those who are considering choosing the International Finance department should be disciplined, interested in trade and marketing, have a leader spirit, responsible, high communication skills, and developed social skills.


How many years is the International Finance Department Education Period?


In the International Finance department, students are given a 4-year undergraduate education. To graduate from the department, students are required to fill the quota of 240 ECTS.


What are the courses of the International Finance Department?


Students of the International Finance department will face many numerical, business and finance courses throughout their education life.


For prospective students who are considering choosing the International Finance department;


      Timing and Forecasting in Financial Markets,



      Business Finance,

      Mathematics for Economics,

      Financial Econometrics and Quantitative Analysis,

      Fundamental Analysis and Investment Strategies,

      Financial Markets and Institutions,

      Case Studies in Emerging Markets,

      Capital Market Regulations in Turkey and in the World,


Most courses will be required to be successful for 4 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the "International Finance Bachelor's Degree". Graduates receive the title of "International Finance Specialist".


What Do International Finance Graduates Do?


Since people who have graduated from the International Finance department can work in many different fields such as management, marketing, buying and selling in their business life, the jobs they do vary according to their positions.


Individuals who have graduated from the International Finance department and have started their business life have many duties such as auditing commercial affairs, conducting financial analysis, and preparing financial reports.


The main places of work for graduates of International Finance department are listed below;



      Public Institutions

      Consulting Companies,

      Investment Companies,

      Private companies


What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of the International Finance Department?


International Finance Specialists can find jobs in many positions such as marketing officer, trading officer, manager, financial analyst, consultant in their future careers.




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