Law is the collection of rules that regulate and organize the relationships between individuals and societies. 


The aim of the Faculty of Law is to bring in qualified people who will not leave the line of laws and business ethics in the constitution, who can provide order between individuals and society, and who can contribute and benefit within the legal sector. 


It is one of the most sought-after qualifications for prospective students who are considering choosing the Faculty of Law to be interested in the concepts of justice and law, have high speaking skills, and be disciplined. 


    • How many years is the Law Department Education Period? 

    In the law department, a 4-year undergraduate education is given. In order for students to graduate, they must complete 240 ECTS rights and fulfill the graduation requirements of their university. Students who have completed their 4-year education have a 1-year internship to do. 


      • What are the Law Department Courses? 

      During their 8-semester education, students of the law department will be faced with courses that will provide detailed information on the concepts of justice and law. 


      For prospective students who have the law department on their preference list; 


        • Constitutional law, 
        • General Public Law, 
        • Civil law, 
        • Turkish Constitutional Law, 
        • International law, 
        • Administrative law, 
        • Criminal Law General Provisions, 
        • Constitutional Law, 
        • Law of Obligations General Provisions, 
        • Commercial law 


      They will be responsible for many courses, especially for 4 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the "Legal Faculty Diploma". Law graduates can have one of the titles of lawyer, prosecutor, judge, and many more. 


        • What Does a Law Graduate Do? 

        Law students have the title of lawyer after graduation, but they are required to be successful in the necessary exams to become judges and prosecutors. Graduates can have many duties such as judicial judge, prosecutor, district governor, TCA auditor, administrative judge and many more in their professional life. Their duties are determined by the area they are directed to. 


          • What are the Job Opportunities for Law Graduates? 

          Law school graduates can work in many places in the state, if they prefer, they can open their own law offices and offer advocacy or consultancy services. 








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