Management Information Systems


Management Information Systems is the field that brings together technology, people, systems theory and knowledge management. Due to the fact that information is very important in today's era, the Department of Management Information Systems has an important place all over the world. 


Management Information Systems is a 4-year undergraduate program. The purpose of the Management Information Systems department is to train people who can bring together areas such as information management, technology and systems, produce, update and distribute information, use information, bring together and present information in different places in order to enable people in managerial positions to make faster and more accurate decisions to add value in professional life. 


Disciplined, able to keep up with the trends and new technologies, creative, responsible are among the main features sought for students who are considering choosing the Department of Management Information Systems. 

  • How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Management Information Systems? 

In the Department of Management Information Systems, a 4-year undergraduate education is given. Students must complete 240 ECTS credits in order to graduate. 

  • What are the Management Information Systems Department Courses? 

During their 8-semester education life, the students of the Management Information Systems department will face many different courses such as mathematics, marketing, and information gathering. 


For prospective students who have the Management Information Systems department in their preference list; 


 General accounting, 

 IT law, 

 Marketing management, 

 New Communication Technologies, 

 Business Information Systems, 

 Introduction to Computer and Programming, 

 Algorithm and Programming, 

 Production management, 

 System Analysis and Design, 

 Network Management and Information Security 


They will be responsible for many courses for 4 years. If they successfully complete these courses, they will obtain the "Management Information Systems Bachelor's Degree". Those who receive their diploma are given the title of "Management Information Systems Specialist". 


  • What Do Management Information Systems Graduates Do? 

Management Information Systems graduates take responsibility for integrating computers and software into companies in order to facilitate their business life in line with the education they have received. 

  • What are the Job Opportunities for Graduates of Management Information Systems? 

Management Information Systems graduates can find employment wherever industry and industrial activities exist. In order to facilitate operations in companies, in IT departments, state or private banks, software and automation companies; They can continue their careers in different positions. 



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