Mechanical Engineering



The mechanical engineer works on machines that transform one type of energy into another, with the fundamental laws of physics and the principles of other disciplines. Contrary to popular belief, electronic devices such as computers are not included in the mechanical engineer's work area. Mechanical engineers usually work in different companies, private institutions, factories or public institutions according to their specialization. 

    • What Does a Mechanical Engineer Do? What are the Duties and Responsibilities? 

    Basic information such as static, dynamics, fluid mechanics, strength, machine dynamics, robotics and motors and the various responsibilities of the mechanical engineer who is interested in designing and manufacturing machines are as follows; 

      • To produce the best quality product with the cheapest methods, 
      • Keeping occupational health and safety at the forefront, 
      • To follow new information on mechanical and energy conversion, 
      • Basic calculations to be accurate and complete, 
      • To deal with the management and administration of the personnel working with him/her, 
      • Working on issues such as process improvement, efficiency increase and cost reduction. 

      • Who Can Become a Mechanical Engineer? 

      Those who want to be a mechanical engineer must complete the 4-year mechanical engineering department of universities. 


      Requirements for a Mechanical Engineer 

      The most important qualification expected of a mechanical engineer is strong reasoning ability. Mechanical engineers may face a variety of challenges throughout the design or manufacturing process and must have high concentration and judgment to overcome these problems. Other qualifications expected from a mechanical engineer are as follows; 

        • To have analytical thinking skills, 
        • To have imagination and creativity, 
        • Having manual dexterity even at a low level, 
        • To produce and develop solutions, 
        • To be able to make mathematical reasoning, 
        • To be suitable for teamwork, 
        • To have high communication skills. 
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