Mechatronics Engineering


    Mechatronics engineer combines the features of mechanical, electronic and computer engineering to increase efficiency in the production and functions of new machines and tools. Before implementing changes in the manufacturing process, the mechatronics engineer tests with a variety of methods to make improvements, taking into account factors such as assembly line efficiency and cost. Uses computer-aided design software to develop potential solutions. 

    • What Does a Mechatronics Engineer Do? What are the Duties and Responsibilities? 

    The responsibilities of mechatronics engineers who can work in fields such as robotics, medical technology, human-machine interaction, production, unmanned aerial and land vehicles can be gathered under the following headings; 

    • To develop new solutions to industrial problems using mechanical, electronic systems and computer technologies, 

    • To design new products by integrating various technologies, 

    • Developing new electro-mechanical concepts for product lines, 

    • The use of human labor can be dangerous; Developing computer, electronic and mechanically assisted methods for missions such as underwater exploration, mining or forestry, 

    • Conducting studies to determine the feasibility, cost or performance benefit of new mechatronic equipment, 

    • Analyzing existing development or production procedures and suggesting improvements, 

    • Determining technical and resource requirements for development or production projects, 

    • Suggest technical design or process changes to increase efficiency, quality or performance, 

    • Modeling, simulating and analyzing complex mechanical, electronic or other engineering systems using computers. 

    • How to Become a Mechatronics Engineer? 

    In order to become a mechatronics engineer, it is necessary to graduate from the Mechatronics Engineering department of the universities with a bachelor's degree. 


    Requirements for Mechatronics Engineer 

    The general qualifications sought in a mechatronics engineer, who has the ability to generate many ideas about a subject, are as follows; 

    • Demonstrate problem solving ability to identify complex problems, develop options and implement solutions, 

    • Having critical thinking to identify the strengths or weaknesses of approaches to problems, alternative solutions, and results, 

    • To have the ability to apply general rules to specific problems in order to produce feasible solutions, 

    • To be able to make mathematical reasoning, 

    • Using an effective communication language to convey information correctly, 

    • To be prone to teamwork 





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