Philosophy; It is the general name given to questioning studies on the nature of existence, knowledge, truth and morality. "Philosophy" comes from the Greek word meaning "love of wisdom". Philosophy uses logic and rational tools to analyze the ways people experience the world. It includes addressing the most fundamental questions about who we are and examines philosophical thought in the breadth of history to the present day. 


    Effective reasoning and forming coherent arguments improve your ability to write persuasively and develop your logical and critical thinking. The various subdivisions of philosophy address questions ranging from why we dream to whether or not we will be free. 


    Expect many essays, a chance to discuss different philosophical theories and create texts, and the opportunity to diversify your work to further explore philosophy. 

    • How Many Years Is The Philosophy Department Education Period? 

    The Philosophy department is a 4-year undergraduate department that you can choose from the oral section at the university. Graduates of the department of philosophy do not have a certain title. 

    • What are the courses of the Department of Philosophy? 

    During your education in this department; 

      • Introduction to Philosophy, 
      • Logic, 
      • Informal Logic, 
      • Philosophical English, 
      • History of Philosophy, 
      • Philosophy of Existence, 
      • Ethic, 
      • History of the Republic of Turkey, 
      • Greek History, 

    It is possible to say that there are knowledge-based lessons such as. 

    • What Does a Philosophy Graduate Do? 

    To explore philosophy, to evaluate the theories that have been put forward until today and to carry out studies on their correct transfer to the masses. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for a graduate of the Department of Philosophy? 

    If we need to give information about the field of work of the graduates of the department of philosophy; According to the UNI-VERİ report published by the Presidency Human Resources Department, 46.3% of the graduates prefer to continue their careers in the education sector, while 28.4% of them are their own; 

      • Human health and social service activities, 
      • Service industry, 
      • Professional, scientific and technical activities, 
      • Production, 
      • Build, 
      • Government Policy, 
      • Culture, art and entertainment, 
      • Agriculture, forestry and fishing, 

    and they preferred to continue their business life in similar fields. It is possible to say that there is more than one option for those considering progress in the education sector; 

      • Academic career, 
      • History teaching (training), 
      • Philosophy teacher (training), 

    It is possible to work in and similar areas. 


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