Sociology; it is shortly called social science. Sociology studies the patterns of social relations, social interaction and daily life culture for a society. It is a social science that uses various methods of empirical research and critical analysis to develop knowledge about social order, acceptance and change, or social evolution. Sociology is also defined as the general science of society. While some sociologists conduct research that can be directly applied to social policy and well-being, others focus primarily on developing the theoretical understanding of social processes. The subject ranges from the micro sociology level of the individual agency to the macro level of interactions and systems, and the social structure. 

  • How Many Years Is The Education Period Of The Department Of Sociology? 

While the Department of Sociology is located in many universities, it is included in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences in some universities, while in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in some universities, and in the Faculties of Social and Human Sciences in some. The education period of the undergraduate department of Sociology is 4 years. 

  • What are the courses of the Department of Sociology? 

In the Department of Sociology; 

    • Sociology, 
    • Basic economy, 
    • Political Science, 
    • Sociological analysis, 
    • Psychology, 
    • Advanced English, 
    • Social change and Social Anthropology, 
    • Social Statistics, 
    • Culture and Society, 
    • Data analysis, 
    • Power and Inequality, 
    • Contemporary Social Theories, 
    • Social Statistics, 
    • Contemporary Social Theories, 
    • Social Change and Development. 

Such theoretical courses are given during the 4-year education. Competent people who successfully complete this department are given the title of "sociologist". 

  • What Does a Graduate of the Sociology Department Do? 

Since all human behavior is social, the subject of sociology is from the sincere family to the enemy mafia; from organized crime to religious cults; from race, gender and social class divisions to common beliefs of a common culture; and from business sociology to sports sociology. In fact, few fields have such a wide scope and interest for the research, theory, and application of knowledge. 

  • What are the Job Opportunities for a Graduate of Sociology? 

Career options for students who graduate from the department of sociology can be shaped by the decisions they have taken during their university rank. Because there are many sub-branches of sociology. Apart from this, the graduates who do not prefer an academic career; 

    • Journalism and media, 
    • Banking and finance, 
    • Advertising, 
    • Insurance, 
    • Research centers, 
    • Non-governmental organizations, 
    • Writing, 

They can find the opportunity to work in areas such as. 


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