Automotive Engineering


    Automotive Engineer; It is a professional worker who works in the production and design of motor vehicles such as automobiles, trucks and buses, and ensures the supervision of these processes. It has information from different engineering fields and uses this information on land vehicles. Automotive engineers working on land vehicles are involved in the production, inspection, marketing and service of these vehicles. It works in coordination with electrical, electronic, mechanical and computer engineers.  

    Automotive engineers; It can specialize in four different areas: design, R&D, production and service engineering. Design engineer; It undertakes tasks such as designing and inspecting parts such as brakes, batteries, shock absorbers. R&D engineers carry out studies to get maximum efficiency from designed parts and vehicles. Manufacturing engineer, it is responsible for how and in what order the planned parts will be produced. The service engineer takes care of the after sales. It determines the necessary procedures for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles, gives information about how to do it and provides technical control of the service. 

    • What Does an Automotive Engineer Do? What are the Duties and Responsibilities? 

    Automotive engineers, who have similar job descriptions with mechanical engineers, mostly focus on land vehicles. They take on roles in the process from the beginning to the end of the production of land vehicles. The duties of automotive engineers can be listed as follows: 

      • To make projects of land vehicles, 
      • To make balance calculations according to the usage area of the vehicles, 
      • To determine the appropriate chassis for the vehicle, 
      • To bring the safety of the vehicle to the highest level by making technical calculations, 
      • Planning and producing the brake sets of the vehicle, 
      • Ensuring the inspection of the produced parts, 
      • To provide solutions to the detected problems. 

      Requirements to Become an Automotive Engineer 

      If you have graduated from the Automotive Engineering department of the Engineering Faculties of universities, you can do this profession. 

      • What Education Is Required To Become An Automotive Engineer? 

      A four-year undergraduate education is required to become an automotive engineer. Automotive Engineering, which is located in engineering faculties of universities, is predominantly vocational education.  

      The courses mostly covered by the automotive engineering undergraduate education are: Rail Vehicles, Transport Technique, Vehicle Technique, Engine Construction, Land Vehicles, Tractor and Agricultural Machinery, Modeling and Simulation, Power Transmission, Automatic Control, Agricultural Mechanization, Vehicle Construction. 

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