Business Administration


  • The purpose of the department of business administration is to train students who are well-equipped in terms of finance and management for large and small businesses in the public or private sector. Another aim of the business administration department is to train students who will take part in new initiatives other than companies that are ready. Basically, business administration professionals aim to make a company more profitable and managerially stronger. 

    Graduates who graduate from business administration and enter business life can work in many positions in their future lives, from management to marketing. 

    • How many years of education in the business administration department? 

    In the department of business administration, a 4-year undergraduate education is given. Students must meet the 240 ECTS qualification in order to graduate. 

    • What are the courses of the business administration Department? 

    Business administration students will be faced with economics, finance and many law courses during 8 semesters. 

    Candidate students who have the department of business administration on their preference list; 

      • The basic concepts of law, 
      • General accounting, 
      • Marketing principles, 
      • Business Principles, 
      • Law of Obligations, 
      • Organizational Behavior, 
      • Business Functions, 
      • Venture Finance, 
      • Commercial law, 
      • Small business administration, 

    They will be responsible for most of the courses for 4 years. Upon successful completion of these courses, they will obtain the "bachelor Degree in Business Administration". 

    • What Does a Business Administration Department Graduate Do? 

    Business administration graduates can take place in many different positions in the public and private sectors. There are many job opportunities, from finance position to corporate management. Many business administration graduates prefer the following workplaces; 

      • Investment and Financial Institutions, 
      • Banks, 
      • Consulting Companies, 
      • Audit Companies, 
      • Private companies 

      • What are the Job Opportunities for a Graduate of business administration? 

      Graduates who have successfully completed the bachelor program in business administration can find a place in many institutions in areas such as marketing, human resources, finance, trading. If the graduates meet the necessary qualifications, they can also work as an academician. 

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