• Economics, covering all processes from production to consumption; It is a branch of science that studies topics such as trade, distribution, import and export. 


    The Department of Economics, on the other hand, ensures that the world states, companies, institutions or organizations follow, observe, inspect the transactions carried out economically, and draws meaningful results from these transactions and provides efficient results in the fields of sales/marketing. 


    The Department of Economics aims to teach basic economics and analysis techniques to university students. It also aims to teach basic economics and analysis methods, and to develop students' research, analysis and evaluation of results. 

    • How Many Years Is The Education Period Of The Department Of Economics? 

    In the department of economics, 4-year undergraduate education is given. Individuals who graduate from this department are given the title of "Economist". 


    The curriculum applied in the economics undergraduate program; It is prepared to integrate economic theory and economic policies with the practices of the business world. Thus, it aims to create a solid economic foundation. The educational content, which starts with the basic theoretical courses, is updated in accordance with the conditions of the day. Students are supported by theoretical and applied field courses. 

    • What are the courses of the Department of Economics? 

    Prospective students who aim to include this section in their preference lists; 

      • Economy, 
      • Macroeconomics, 
      • MicroEconomics, 
      • Environmental Economics, 
      • Art and Cultural Economy, 
      • Money and Banking, 
      • Political Science, 
      • Money Science, 
      • Statistics, 

    and will be responsible for many more courses throughout their education life. 

    • What Does a graduate of the Department of Economics Do? 

    It is the main duty of the graduates of this department to examine the publicly followed economic attitude. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for a graduate of the Department of Economics? 

    Since graduates of the Department of Economics are also graduates of a branch of science, their application areas are quite wide. In terms of history, the department of economics, which is not a very old department in Turkey, may vary in certain subjects from university to university. On the other hand, the majority of those holding the title of economist prefer to take part in the following fields; 

      • Banking, 
      • Exchange, 
      • Sales and marketing, 
      • Education, 
      • Food and Beverage Service Activities, 
      • Real Estate Activities, 
      • Academic career, 
      • Public Services, 
      • Information and Communication, 
      • Economic Consultancy, 
      • Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries 

    Graduates of the Department of Economics can find jobs in any sector where there is a trade and shopping relationship. On the other hand, economists can decide on the type of work they want to be in with the experience they have gained during their undergraduate education. Some economists; While they may prefer to be a clerk in government offices, advisory offices, supervisory units, banks or various economic organizations, some may prefer to be in private companies. As a result, there are many job opportunities for economics graduates in both public and private sectors. 


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