Economics and Finance


    Department of Economics and Finance; Although often presented as separate disciplines, economics and finance are interrelated and inform and influence each other. It requires possessing the economic reasoning, quantitative skills and institutional knowledge needed to solve practical problems that arise in finance. The two disciplines seem to converge in some respects. Both economists and finance professionals are employed by governments, companies and financial markets. 


    In general, the focus of the economy creates a larger picture in nature, such as the performance of a country, region or market. While economics also focuses on public policy, the focus of finance is company or industry specific. Finance also focuses on how companies and investors evaluate risk and return. 

    • How Many Years is the Education Period of the Department of Economics and Finance? 

    The aim of this department, which provides 4-year education, is to train professionals who can make the right moves against economic developments on both a corporate and global basis. 

    • What are the Economics and Finance Department Courses? 

    Candidate students who plan to include this department in their university preferences; 

      • Economy, 
      • General accounting, 
      • Political Science, 
      • Scientific Research Methods, 
      • Micro Economy, 
      • Macro Economics, 
      • Academic Success and Social Life Skills, 
      • Financial Analysis, 
      • International Economics, 
      • Sustainable Development and Growth, 
      • Sustainable Finance and Risk Management, 
      • Investment Theory and Portfolio Management, 
      • Farming economy, 

    And they will be responsible for many more courses during their 8 semester education period. If they complete it successfully, they are entitled to obtain a "Bachelor's Degree in Economics and Finance". 

    • What Does a graduate of the Department of Economics and Finance Do? 

    Economics and Finance graduates start with the economic policies of states and examine the attitudes of sectors and companies towards these policies. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for Economics and Finance Graduates? 

    The expectation from newly graduated financial economists is to develop the theoretical values and preserve the existing ones with the help of analytical tools. Graduates with this vision are in state and private equity organizations, banks or all organizations dealing with economy and finance; 

      • Manager, 
      • Expert, 
      • Auditor, 
      • Inspector, 
      • Financial advisor, 
      • Financial Director,  

    They can work as listed above. 




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