Industrial Engineering

        • DURATION: 4 YEARS 


      Industrial engineering is a type of system engineering. The systems in question here are production systems in a broad sense, including service production. The design, management and development of production systems is the main task of industrial engineering.  


      Corporate success is tried to be secured by optimally managing human, machine, material, method and environment, which are called basic production factors. System approach and management with processes form the basis for these studies. Industrial engineers are equipped with scientific tools such as statistics, simulation, operations research-optimization, planning and in particular production planning, business systems design and analysis, quality engineering tools and total quality management, productivity management, planning, measurement, evaluation and development (ar- ge) are engineers with skills.  


      This technical method is a (pro-active) engineering such as Industrial engineering preventive medicine supported by scientific tools as well as economy-business knowledge; In order to prevent the occurrence of problems, significant contributions are made to the success of the business through studies focused on diagnosis and taking precautions. All the possibilities of information technologies (management information systems, computer integrated production, etc.) find effective application in all studies of industrial engineers. 


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