Language: English

Duration: 4 years

Level: Undergraduate


Pilotage education is one of the studies that many students dream of. The growing and developing aviation industry has made the pilotage department more popular. Many young people want to practice their profession in the sky by taking pilotage education.


What should be the characteristics of the students who want to take pilotage education?


Students considering becoming a pilot should be responsible, disciplined, cool-headed, interested in the aviation industry and open to development.


How many years is the Pilotage Education Department?


There are thousands of students who want to become pilots and spend their lives flying in the sky. Students who want to study in the pilotage department, should take pilotage education in departments that provide a 4-year education in Turkey.


Students can graduate from the pilotage department by successfully completing the courses they need to take during these 4 years.


What are the Pilotage Education Department Courses?


There are 8-semester courses that students who want to become a pilot must take. Students are entitled to become a pilot when they successfully complete the courses they have taken for 4 years. There are dozens of courses that students should take for pilotage education. In addition to pilotage education courses, students are also obliged to take courses in the fields of basic medical science and anesthesia. In general, the courses that students who take pilotage education will take are as follows;


      Air transportation

      Human performance and its limits

      Flight simulator

      Night flight applications

      Flight planning and monitoring

      General aircraft information and flight

      Flight apps

      Team resource management

      Aircraft technical training


Students will be responsible for similar courses for 4 years, especially important courses such as physics for aviation. Students who successfully complete these courses will obtain a pilot education undergraduate diploma and will be able to start piloting.

What Do Pilot Education Graduates Do?


Students who receive pilotage education work in aviation enterprises, in the field of air transportation when they graduate. At the same time, people who graduate from this field can also work as pilot instructors in pilot schools. Pilot education graduates can work in the private sector and government.




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