Visual Communication Design


    The aim of Visual Communication Design is to create a link between the customer and the product by producing visual content in digital media and many different media and private institutionss. Visual Communication Design students will gain business ethics, creativity, originality, difference, artistic perspective, critical thinking, not content with the existing product, and have designer perspective to add value to their career. Graduates of this department are given the title of "Visual Communication Designer". 

    • How Many Years is the Education Period of the Visual Communication Design Department? 

    In the Visual Communication Design department, a 4-year undergraduate education is given. Students gain experience through hands-on lessons. Students of the department are required to fulfill 240 ECTS quotas to graduate. 

    • What are the Visual Communication Design Department Courses? 

    Candidate students who have Visual Communication Design department in their preference list; 

      • Basic design, 
      • Art Concepts, 
      • Visual Communication 
      • Pattern, 
      • Computer Graphic Design, 
      • Interaction and Interface Design, 
      • Multimedia Design, 
      • Three Dimensional Modeling and Animation, 
      • Editing Techniques, 
      • Advertising Design, 


    They will be responsible for many courses, especially and many similar courses, during their 4-year education period. Upon successful completion of these courses, they will obtain the "Bachelor's Degree in Visual Communication Design". Graduates of this department are given the title of Visual Communication Designer. 

    • What Does a Visual Communication Design Graduate Do? 

    A Visual Communication Design graduate conducts research on the subject he/she will design and aims to reveal the most suitable product in line with these researches. They have the task of editing and preparing images for websites, digital media outlets. Having the opportunity to market their own designs also provides the opportunity to work independently. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for a Visual Communication Design Graduate? 

    Graduates who have successfully completed the Visual Communication Design department and wish to continue their career as a Visual Communication Designer can work in different sectors; 

      • Advertising Companies, 
      • Private companies, 
      • Media Organizations, 
      • Websites 
      • Public Institutions, 

    They may have titles such as trainer, communications specialist, web designer, creative director, project manager, game designer, mobile app designer. If they get the necessary documents to become an instructor, they can work as academicians at universities. 


    Visual Communication Designer can work as a freelance consultant to private companies and individuals. 





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