5 Reasons to Study Computer Engineering

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Computer Engineering is a profession that lives its age in the true sense of the word. As we are all aware, there seems to be no area where the computer is not used. Computers are widespread in almost every field, from applications in the business world to social media, from industrial production to agriculture, from banking to the communication sector.

In addition to the software used in all these areas, the applications we use on mobile phones, which we do not drop in our daily life, are developed by computer engineers.

Today, the computer industry is one of the areas where the greatest commercial success has been achieved. The fact that the richest people in the world have become rich in computer-related jobs also shows the importance of the computer today. In addition to the astonishing commercial successes in the world, we see that nearly 80% of the companies in technoparks in Turkey are IT companies.

All of these are a great advantage when you are looking for an internship during your student years and when you are looking for a job when you graduate. Therefore, a well-educated computer engineer is likely to find a job with attractive conditions both in Turkey and all around developed countries.

1) The Number of Areas That Can Work Is Quite Many

The ever-developing and advancing technology increases the need for computer engineers day by day. This makes it easier to find a job after graduation. It offers the opportunity to work in many departments and positions under basic headings such as software, hardware and system analysis. I seem to hear the question, can we be hackers? Yes you can. At the same time, let's answer the question of the difference between this title and software engineering. While software engineering is a software-oriented department, computer engineering focuses on software and hardware. In short, it is possible to find the task of a computer engineer wherever there is a computer.

2) You will be able to produce practical solutions to problems

The lessons you will take will greatly improve your analytical skills. This skill, which you will gain thanks to the lessons that you will always be close to each other, will allow you to see the differences in your life. Your mind will force you to be practical, especially because of the problems you will encounter in the work you do and the code you write. You will struggle with codes in your dreams, but do not be afraid. This will make you happier in the future.

3) You Will Have a Pleasant Education Period

If you say that you love to spend time with the computer, you are thinking of the right department. You will start your university life with the computer from the first year and continue the rest of your life by constantly spending time with the computer. If we do simple math, you will have a good time and get a good job in return.

4) You Will Look at Software and Hardware Through the Eyes of an Engineer

It is a question that circulates a lot in minds. “Can I get a place in this field without studying computer engineering?”. Let's say right now; Yeah! When we look at the sector, there are many employees that we call sarcastic. But it should be noted that it is now quite difficult to do this. As we said above, developing and advancing technology needs an engineer of this department. In other words, the ability to analyze all works from software to hardware is sought from the eyes of an engineer. Achieving this skill requires a high degree of engineering education.

5) You Will Design the Future and Lead to Better Days

Computer science is the basis of everything we see in science fiction movies, such as robots that can easily do our daily tasks, nanobots that can repair all kinds of tissue damage, driverless vehicles, flying cars. This is exactly why computer engineers are the people who will shape the future. A computer engineering student must not only learn computer science, but also expand their imagination. Because the only thing that limits a computer engineer is imagination. 

Dear computer engineer candidate, the future lies in the lines of code that will spill from his/her fingers. Imagine, design and work hard. Be the "engineer" of good days!

Time to study computer engineering in Turkey. Contact us NOW!

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