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StudySehir Educational Consultancy helps you to create a better future and make your dream come true to study in Turkey. No-cost resources for college or universities admission; covers counseling, exam preparation, finding a scholarship and more!

APPLYING TO UNIVERSITY CAN BE like putting together a jigsaw - a challenge to find the right pieces and suitable places. For first-generation or dreamer students, the process may feel like putting the puzzle together without a picture in the box for reference.

Therefore, many foreign students are looking for different sources of aid entry to university in Turkey.

The company's founder Adnan Saif says ''We accept the need to facilitate education for all students in Turkey and we are taking steps in this direction.'’

University Admission

Stating that it provides all the necessary support to pass the admission process, StudySehir advocates that at this stage, personal counseling comes into play. Independent education counselors demand staggering sums that are often unattainable for many families, but realizing some students' dreams is not just a cost; We understand students and provide our consultancy services for free.

The Best Reasons To Study in Turkey

  1. Graduating from a qualified university in Turkey will offer you job opportunities in every country you go to. Many of us have encountered the fact that people who have completed their education abroad are preferred more in the private sector. In our globalizing world, the fact that students have completed their education in Turkey increases their employment opportunities. While companies in various countries of the world continue to invest in international markets, people with foreign experience are among the primary preferences of employers, especially the country (Turkey) that is the main focus and bringe of the two continents; Europe and Asia.
  2. Turkey is a multinational country that includes Japanese, British, American, Spanish and more in and that improves your perspective. Meeting other cultures allows you to take a new look at your own culture, learn other people's opinions about yours, and return home with new ideas and point of view.
  3. Studying in Turkey experience matures you and increases your self-confidence. You will both improve your skills and discover yourself with new experiences. Living in a completely new cultural environment and perhaps not speaking the language of the area may be scary at first, but it is also exciting. As the days go by, you will see that you grow and feel more confident as you see what you can do.
  4. Studying abroad is a great way to break your life routine. It allows you to get rid of pessimistic thoughts about your future, while also allowing you to capture the vision that most people do not have.
  5. Study abroad gives you the opportunity to get to know another culture first hand. Being in the same environment with students from many different countries like you can open the door to brand new friendships and different perspectives. It will be a completely different experience for you to get to know their culture.
  6. When you choose Turkey for education, you will find the opportunity to visit the historical and tourist sites of that country. Thanks to the activities and excursions organized on weekends and outside of class hours or in line with your personal curiosity, you can experience many places and activities that you cannot find in your life.

‘’Turkey is not only a country to study, there is a great history background which was the home to many civilizations throughout history, beside a majority of the universities that are in the list worldwide in Turkey. The best way to get to know cultures, improve yourself and learn from history. So our suggestion, come to Turkey to receive education to build,’’ says Adnan Saif, the founder of StudySehir Educational Consultancy.

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