Differences Between Faculty of Technology and Faculty of Engineering

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In this article, I would like to share with you the information I have compiled about the differences between technology and engineering faculties.

The most important feature that distinguishes the faculty of technology from other faculties is that it gives importance to practice as well as theoretical knowledge. In technology faculties, 7 terms are held as theoretical and applied courses at universities and 1 term is organized as practice in businesses.

Technology faculties are mostly applied and practical. Emphasis is placed on the application of existing technical knowledge and the solution methods of industrial and business problems. In the theoretical courses, a similar curriculum is applied with other engineering faculties, and students are trained as powerful engineers in theory. In addition, technology faculty students are trained as engineers who have strong practical skills as well as theoretical knowledge, thanks to more applied field courses, 72-day summer internships, and most importantly, the workplace practice they perform in the enterprises within the scope of 7+1 education model. As a result, enjoys successful problem solving in the fields of mathematics and science, and can think analytically. 

In Turkey, engineering is the authority of other institutions providing education authority is that faculty of technology. Because the departments it has are engineering programs. Who will have the title of engineer in our country is fixed by law. Law No. 3458 on engineering and architecture clearly shows who can have this title. Graduated students can enroll in engineering chambers.

The difference of technology faculties from other engineering faculties is that they give more place to practice as well as theoretical knowledge. In addition to the industrial internship, which includes more time than other engineering faculties, students practice "practice in enterprises" within the scope of "workplace practice" for one semester of their 8-semester education period. During this application, the students work for 16 weeks full time in the "candidate engineer position". (This process or names may differ from university to university).

As a technology faculty student, you can gain more work experience than other engineering faculties before starting business life, and increase your opportunity to find a job before graduating. You can graduate with a strong theoretical knowledge. You can plan your career earlier by shaping your future earlier, and you can catch up by seeing the technology of the day.

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