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Studying architecture in Turkey is becoming increasingly popular among international students. The architectural sector in Turkey is developing and restructuring day by day with the impact of technology. In recent years, new concepts such as sustainability, architectural robots and smart cities are frequently mentioned. The field of architecture now aims to produce solutions for the future beyond meeting the needs of people and society. Factors such as population, economy, politics and technology have an impact on the architecture sector in the world and in Turkey. Traditional understanding and methods leave their place to a different system and new searches.

Architectural education in the world, on the other hand, covers a longer process. Because the field of architecture is among the fields called "Professional Studies". Architectural education in Turkey lasts for 4 years and undergraduate education can be started directly. 

What does it mean? Before starting to study architecture in the world, it is necessary to complete a 4-year undergraduate program. Then it is possible to apply for architectural education. Certainly, this situation makes architectural education, which is already a tiring and long-term education, a little more difficult.

Therefore, many national and international students prefer to complete their undergraduate education in Turkey. After 4 years of undergraduate education, students can choose abroad for graduate education. 

How does the architectural education process progress in Turkey? Which are the best architecture universities in Turkey? What do international students need to do to study architecture in Turkey?

What Does Studying Architecture in Turkey Offer to Foreign Students?

Turkey has been the focus of attention of foreign students for a long time. Because studying architecture in Turkey is an option preferred by students as well as studying in other fields. Many students who are considering architecture for undergraduate education wonder if it is expensive to study architecture. This situation differs according to the preferences of the students. For example, it is quite expensive to get this education in America and England. But it is extremely cheap to get this education in Turkey. Moreover, in terms of education quality, Turkish universities do not lag far behind other architecture schools in the world.

Students who prefer Turkey to study architecture, in short, can get quality education cheaply. Moreover, in addition to the cheapness of Turkish universities, the scholarship opportunities offered to students are quite high. In other words, studying architecture in Turkey is both a cheap and logical option for foreign students. Architecture courses in Turkey have been carefully prepared according to international standards. In addition, this situation does not only apply to the field of architecture. This is also true for fields such as engineering and medicine. 

What Needs to be Done to Qualify to Study Architecture in Turkey?

As StudySehir Educational Consultancy, we undertake the official representation of many foundation universities, and their entries are much simpler compared to the state universities. You can find detailed information, and documents we need to get approved during your admission process.

If you are thinking of getting accepted without an exam and getting education from the universities you want to, you can contact us.

Documents Required for Admission to Foundation Universities

The documents required for admission vary from university to university. Generally, the following documents are most requested.

- High school diploma

– High School Transcript 

– Pasaport

– Photo

Study in Turkey to make your dream come true. Now contact us to study architecture!

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