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Unlike undergraduate programs, applications for most Master's programs are open all year (some vocational programs may have a specific deadline). But that doesn't mean you have to leave things to the last minute!

It's always a good idea to apply relatively early in the admissions cycle, at least six months before the course starts. Graduate offers are made as applications come in, so you don't want to leave too late and discover that your excellent program is already full.

Another reason to apply early is so you have more time to seek additional funding and complete your stay.

StudySehir is here to help you from the first stage to the last to make your dream of studying in Turkey come true.

Application Conditions of Foreign Candidates to the Master Programs in Turkey

       ALES or an equivalent exam result document is not required for foreign candidates who will apply to a master program or doctorate program with a thesis.

       Graduation grade requirement is not required for foreign applicants.


Only thing you have to do is to provide us with the documents below to fasten your registration process.



       Bachelor degree diploma or the exit document.

       Bachelor degree transcript.


  Residence permit with student visa (It’s including in our consultancy service, we will help you to get residence permit)

Original decuments are required during the registiration proccess. 

Graduates of higher education institutions abroad are required to submit their transcripts together with the approved Turkish translation. (Including in our educational consultancy service, only thing you have to do is to provide us your all documents to make a quick process)

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