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One of the most prestigious professions in medicine all over the world. The medical faculty that dreams of many students; it is both difficult to gain and to study.

Students who want to get medical education should be in a good percentile in the university entrance exams. In addition to state universities, some foundation universities also have medical faculties, but their university entrance points are also high.

Education at the Faculty of Medicine 

A student who is eligible to study at medical school; After 6 years of medical education, she/he takes the title of general practitioner. In the first year of medical school, courses such as simple anatomy, biochemistry and biostatistics are included. 

In the second year, a more detailed version of physiology, anatomy and embryology lessons are given. In the 3rd year; Pathology, microbiology and pharmacology courses form the curriculum. 

Generally, in the first 3 years of medical faculties, the emphasis is on basic science lessons and at this stage, students do not do practical lessons with patients. From the 4th year of the medical school; For students, contact with the patient begins. In the 4th grade, major internships such as pediatrics, internal medicine, general surgery and gynecology are taken by the students.  

There are many small internships in the 5th year of medical school. These include internships such as eye, ear, nose and throat, orthopedics, urology, neurosurgery, thoracic surgery, cardiovascular surgery and neurology. Students starting their 6th year of medical school; is called intern doctors. There is no exam for 6th grade students. Students; They work as intern doctors in the big and small internship clinics in 4th and 5th grades. In the 6th year of the medical faculty, it is aimed that doctor candidates become ready for the profession by increasing their contact with patients.

How Are The Courses In Medical School? 

In the Anatomy course, which is one of the most important courses of the medical school, students; They learn the bones, muscles, nerves and organs in the human body in detail. The subject of the physiology course is; form and structure of organs. 

In the course of pharmacology, the effects, side effects, chemical structures and mechanisms of drugs are explained to the students. In the course of microbiology, students are informed about disease-causing microorganisms and the health problems they cause. 

Gaining a Medical School 

As mentioned above, medical school is a more difficult department to gain than other fields. It is a long and demanding job. If your goal is to become a medical doctor, that is, to study medical school, you need to work regularly. 

Abundant trials and tests will bring you closer to your goal. One of the best benefits of working regularly is that you can see your rise. 

In addition, although it is a bit more difficult to earn a medical school compared to other departments, it should be noted that despite all the difficulties, the medical school is not a field that can never be won, which studying medicine is tough as when we consider what world went through recently. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of the Medical Profession 

The medical profession has many advantages. The first of these; A student who graduates from medical school is not concerned about finding a job. Students are assisted by the Ministry of Health as soon as they graduate. 

Doctors are in the category of civil servants who earn more financially than many professions. In addition, healing patients provides a sense of spiritual satisfaction for doctors. The medical profession also has disadvantages. In particular, busy working pace and long working hours are very tiring for people who do this profession. 

The loss of the sick and the constant involvement with people who are suffering is also a distressing issue for doctors. In addition, doctors who have to keep watch; They are awake and treat patients at times contrary to human physiology. 

Work life 

Doctors who graduated as general practitioners after 6 years of medical education; they have to go to the first place of duty assigned by the ministry of health with the condition of compulsory service. These positions are generally in the eastern and southeastern provinces of the country. 

Doctors who won TUS and became assistants; They are subjected to an intensive assistantship training. In addition to their busy work, they also frequently keep watch. Working conditions for specialist doctors vary according to their branches. While working conditions are more difficult and the number of shifts is higher in departments with very densely ill patients; Specialists in branches such as dermatology, physical therapy, biochemistry, and pathology work under more comfortable conditions without taking seizures or looking for emergency patients. 

How to Study to Win a Medical School? 

We have stated that medical faculty scores are high and can be earned with regular study. For this, our most important advice to medical faculty candidates is to try regularly every week, to solve lots of questions and to prepare a high study program suitable for them. regularly, you can be sure that the medical school will leave your dream and turn into a success you have earned.

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