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The higher education system in Turkey, is governed by universities that are autonomous and make their own academic calendars. The academic year begins in September in Turkey, it ends in June. There are two holidays, winter and summer. Some universities also have summer schools.

In Turkish universities:

  •  Associate degree programs
  • Undergraduate programs
  • Master programs
  • Post-doctoral programs  

Student Admission from IRAQ

Since 2010, student admission to universities in Turkey, universities are carried out with the conditions determined by themselves and approved by the Council of Higher Education.

In this context, most universities currently hold their own exams, some universities are based on the university entrance exam scores of the IRAQ Ministry of Education, and some consider high school diploma grades and students' scores from international exams.

Associate degree:

It lasts for 2 years. Associate degree graduates can obtain an associate degree without taking a central exam.


It is generally for 4 years. Some special medical-like programs can last 6 years or more.


Master degree programs at universities in Turkey exhibit diversity. Programs with thesis take 2 years, programs without thesis take 1.5 years. Doctoral programs usually last 4 years.

Post-doctoral programs:

There are also post-doctoral programs in Turkey and duration of the program may vary according to the university.

Universities in Turkey

There are 2 types of universities in Turkey: State and Private Universities. All universities are inspected by YÖK. At least one associate, undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral programs are offered in all of these universities. 

Admission to University Hospitals in Turkey

IRAQ national students who want to study in Turkey, the terms approved by the Board of Higher Education and is determined by the university about the case are accepted to universities in Turkey.

Application to Undergraduate Programs

Following documents from students who want to study in Turkey may be requested. The exact information on the subject can be obtained by contacting the university to study in Turkey.

  • International Student Admission Form
  • High School Diploma and its translation (Turkish or English)
  • Approved Transcript and its translation (English or Turkish)
  • Language Proficiency Certificate (It is essential for students to meet the language proficiency level of the university. Candidates who cannot meet this criterion are required to take the proficiency exam of the university. Students who cannot pass the university's English preparation program must participate in the university's English preparatory program.)
  • Internationally Valid University Entrance Exam Result (The relevant university should be contacted to find out which exams are valid. Students who do not get enough points from internationally valid exams can enter the university's own exam for international students.)
  • Financial Guarantee Letter
  • Registration Fee

All documents required for registration must be submitted to the university to be attended before the registration deadline announced in the Academic Calendar.

Application to Graduate Programs

The following documents may be requested from Iraqi students wishing to graduate education in Turkey. Exact information on the subject can be obtained by contacting the university to study in Turkey.

  • International Student Admission Form
  • Undergraduate or Postgraduate Diploma and its translation (Turkish or English)
  • Approved Transcript and its translation (English or Turkish)
  • Letter of Intent
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Language Proficiency Certificate. Candidates who do not meet the language proficiency level of the university may enter the university qualification exam. 
  • Graduate Entrance exam result
  • Financial Guarantee Letter
  • Registration Fee

All documents required for registration must be submitted to the relevant university before the registration deadline announced in the Academic Calendar.


With the bilateral agreements signed between the universities of IRAQ and Turkish universities, the students studying at the universities of the two countries have the opportunity to study at the universities in the other country for a certain period of time.

In this context, one of the most popular exchange programs recently is the Mevlana Exchange Program.

Mevlana Exchange Program

Mevlana Program is an exchange program that provides non-refundable scholarships and aims to exchange students and academic staff between Turkish universities and universities of other countries. This program covers all higher education institutions around the world, regardless of geographical boundaries.

Financial Issues

Student Tuition Fee

At the beginning of each academic year, the Turkish government determines the minimum and maximum contribution amounts for higher education in Turkey. Contributions for international students are different for state and foundation universities and may vary for different universities. For state universities, the minimum and maximum contributions are announced by the council of ministers, taking into account the different types (formal-evening education), department and education periods in different disciplines. Then, the university senates determine the contribution fee to be paid for each program, taking into account the determined floor and ceiling amounts. In foundation universities, the contribution fees are determined by the board of directors.


Foundation universities offer numerous scholarship opportunities to IRAQ citizens as well as citizens of other countries. 

On the other hand, Turkey has two scholarships provided by the State:

Turkey scholarships

For undergraduate scholarships to finance their education in Turkey, the state offers a variety of scholarships for graduate and doctoral students. These scholarships are available to international students studying in higher education in Turkey.

TÜBİTAK Scholarships

Tübitak provides financial support to international students attending the following programs:

  • Undergraduate scholarship program for international students
  • Research scholarship for foreigners 
  • Postgraduate scholarship program for less developed countries
  • Postgraduate scholarship program for international students

If you need consultation, feel free to call us. We are here to help you free of charge!

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