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Many young people, upon their graduation from university, are looking for a suitable job, and they face many obstacles and challenges. It is no longer the same market as it used to be, as scientific qualifications alone are not sufficient for an individual to obtain a suitable job, so the university graduate must arm in addition to their university achievement with some skills which qualifies them to dive into the labor market and prove their worth in it.

Therefore, the team of the Study Sehir for Educational Services and Universities in Turkey offers you, to university students some skills that they must acquire during their university studies and are required by the labor market, namely:

1. Teamwork:

It aims to achieve a common goal or a set of goals increases work efficiency, and accomplishes work faster by distributing responsibilities among team members, each according to their specialization, and facilitates problem-solving process, which increases the company's productivity, thus increasing its revenues without the need to employ more hands the workforce to do the business, creating collective work groups in the workspace strengthens relations between employees, and creates a stimulating environment for work in which employees share their problems and successes alike.

2. Time management:

Time is an important resource in the lives of individuals and societies, as desired goals can be achieved through effective management, and time and management together form an integrated whole; As time is the instrument taken by the administration; With the aim of accomplishing its work, achieving its goals in an orderly manner, and utilizing time is what defines the difference between successful and unsuccessful people in this life, as the common feature among successful people is their ability to balance between the goals they want to achieve and their duties towards several relationships and this balance comes through their self-management, and this self-management needs above all to goals and a message that go along with it, as there is no need to organize time or manage oneself without goals that a person sets for his life, because his life will go in all directions, which makes a person’s life dispersed. Something has been achieved, and if it has achieved something, that achievement will be weak as a result of not focusing on specific goals.

3. Communication and relationships with others:

It is the ability to share information with others through speaking, writing, or body language, or using other signals, and the skill of communicating with others is one of the most important skills that you should learn in your university life. Dealing with people is an art, and it is not easy to gain respect, appreciating others, and a person is social by nature, so you have to form relationships and build friendships.

Despite the increasing importance of communication skills in working life, many people still face difficulties in mastering them and do not have the ability to effectively communicate their written or verbal ideas and messages, which is a major obstacle for them in competing in the competition at work and achieving career advancement.

4. Leadership:

Wise leadership is one in which a team leader is able to lead others in order to achieve distinguished achievements and this type of leadership takes precedence in understanding the current situation as he works to adapt him to serve his goals.

If the task force official is unable to adapt the situation to suit his plans, devise advanced methods to create better conditions for success. This type of leadership is forward-looking considering his accomplishments in the past. The task force leader, like the driver, looks forward most of the time, but turns around from time to time in the mirror to see what is behind him.

The official in charge of the work team must be capable of, by all standards, creativity and ethics, and able to surround himself with people who are able to extend a helping hand at any time to complete the plans that he set. These people are the main pillar of the team leader, and they are the teams that achieve success for them in particular and for the organization in which they work in general, where the greater goal of these teams overrides the special goal of each member of the team.

5. Problem Solving:

Problem solving is a systematic research method consisting of a set of procedures that are done to reach a specific goal, and students must also solve their problems by dealing with unexpected events, trying to learn new formulas that put them in unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations, and to train students in solving methods, problems, requires introducing them to real case related to what they study in different subjects.

Final: Undergraduate level is the best time to start shaping your future as a young man coming to life, so you must have some university skills that will benefit you in the future, which will enhance your success in your working life and enable you to reach the goals you have always strived for.

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