Who is a Visual Communication Specialist?

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What Does a Visual Communication Specialist Mean?

Working in visual media agencies as well as communication, people who have a good command of the art discipline and are skilled in digital media, who use computer-based communication technologies depth-in-knowledge, who perform video, photography, sound, graphic, writing, three-dimensional design, animation design are known as "Visual Communication Specialists".

In a simpler definition, they are the people who design the screen arrangements of television, cinema graphics and computer software.

What Does a Visual Communication Specialist Do? What are their Duties and Responsibilities?

Visual communication specialists undertake various tasks in order to meticulously carry out the work they are responsible for. The scope of duty of this professional group can be listed as follows;

     They draw their designs in various ways. Then they evaluate the drawings together with relevant people (customers, etc.).

     They work to improve the accepted design.

   Examines the product to be promoted on the screen in detail. He/she then visualizes the product in his/her mind by presenting the first images that will present the product to the audience in the most effective way.

     He/she brings projects to life by highlighting her/his creative ideas.

 Prepares and presents projects in accordance with the feedback given for their purpose.

     They perform the integration of studies to other platforms.

     He/she completes the revisions he/she receives both quickly and carefully.

What are the Requirements to Become a Visual Communication Specialist?

Visual communication stands out as one of the most widespread sectors today. For this reason, the visual communication design program is held in universities, especially in private ones. According to the qualifications determined by the program, anyone with a primary, high school or university degree can apply tostudy visual communication design in Turkey.

Requirements to Become a Visual Communications Specialist

Those who are educated in the verbal department during the university preparation process and pass the threshold in the exam and succeed in the talent exam can shape their careers in this direction. (For foreigner students different procedures are applied, click here to check visual communication design requirements and contact us) In addition, there are faculties that admit students only with university exam scores without requiring a talent exam in the field of visual communication. Individuals who have completed their undergraduate education in any department can also apply to the graduate options of universities in the field of visual communication, if they wish.

What Training Is Required To Become A Visual Communication Specialist?

Visual communication expertise draws attention as one of the professions where art and technique are used together. Some of the trainings given to become a Visual Communication Specialist are listed as follows:

     Communication Sociology

     Basic Art Education (Pattern, anatomy, drawing techniques)

     Basic Photography

     Coreldraw part 1

     Concept Development and Advertising design

     Adobe Illustration Tutorial

     Art History and Mythology

     Adobe Photoshop

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