Work Opportunities While Studying in Turkey

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International students enrolled in a master's or doctorate program in Turkey, in instance, can fund their postgraduate education by working as researchers in scientific initiatives connected to their studies. Some private universities accept postgraduate students with full scholarships and can provide students with assistance in exchange for this scholarship. Based on their academic schedule, undergraduate students will frequently discover possibilities to work in a part-time employment.

The first thing you should know if you have a study plan in your student life is that your student housing permit does not cover a work permit on its own. As a result, if you want to work while studying, you must first obtain a work permit. Work permits are given by the General Directorate of International Labor and can be short-term, permanent, or independent.

Opportunities for Internships

Your higher education program in Turkey may include a mandatory or elective internship component. Such internship activities, which are common in undergraduate programs, are often carried out throughout the summer. In this situation, you do not need a work permit and can find internship opportunities in numerous commercial enterprises, government agencies, international organizations, or non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Turkey with the help of your institution.

You may also have the possibility to perform an internship in a European nation for 2-12 months throughout your studies in Turkey or immediately after graduation through the Erasmus+ program, which is available to participants from all around the world. Don't forget to keep in touch with your university's international office!

Following Graduation

If you wish to work in Turkey after graduation, you should attend university career fairs. Human resources representatives from several of Turkey's largest corporations attend these exhibitions. They give information about their employment and internship possibilities while collecting resumes from graduate prospects. These employment and internship fairs provide excellent chances.

Furthermore, many university career centers provide students a variety of consulting services such as advertising employment options for their post-graduate career stages, interview simulation, and CV development.

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