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Study in Turkey

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You have the opportunity to advance in your profession, study in the department that most interests you, and reach your objectives. If you wish to enroll in university, Turkey awaits your arrival.

Foreigners Can Study in Turkey | Enroll in College or University with No Test Required

So why Turkey?

There are a lot of positives to studying in Turkey. Turkey is a hub for students thanks to its convenient transit and its many natural and cultural attractions.

1- University Education that is Reliable and of High Quality 

Turkey ranks second in the world with 94.2% of its population enrolled in a higher institution. The European Higher Education Area (EHEA), with its central location in Turkey, is an excellent vehicle for advancing the Bologna Process. This means that a degree from a Turkish institution is recognized within the European Union. The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) is used to award course credits, and all students receive the associated Diploma Supplement. Turkey is one of the most successful participants in the international student exchange program Erasmus +. Furthermore, Turkey provides a profusion of exchange programs, such as Farabi and Mevlana through Erasmus, which aids in the movement of both students and educators.

2- University and program diversity

Turkey, with a population of 82 million people, is home to 206 distinct higher education institutions. There are over 8 million students in the world. Turkey topped the list of European Higher Education Area countries with this many students. At 206 different schools, a total of 58,092 courses are available. Among all of these alternatives, you'll have no trouble selecting the ideal school and major.

3- Everyday Life Diversity

Turkey is home to a diverse range of cultures that have existed there for thousands of years, creating a cultural mosaic. This country, which has hosted several ancient and modern civilizations, has a high level of mutual respect and tolerance. Turkey is ideal for students since it allows them to reconnect with their roots and possibly meet others who speak their home language.

4- Natural Splendors

Turkey has all four seasons and is known for its breathtaking natural surroundings. Swimming and other water activities are available in the seas bordering Turkey, while skiing and rafting are offered at a number of locations in the country's highlands. When you view these sites in Turkey, you'll think you've died and gone to heaven.

5- Artifacts of Cultural and Historical Interest

Turkey is home to innumerable precious cultural items as a result of its rich past, the great majority of which are designated as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You should still explore leads you come across on a regular basis.

6- A Good Learning Environment

Each school's cultural events, sports teams, and student groups bring students from all over the world together. When you visit Turkey, you will notice that this is true in terms of the student population in the city's hubs of activity. Students can be found at all hours in cafes, restaurants, and libraries, giving cities an impression of continual activity.

7. Welcoming Turkish Citizens

The Turkish people's hospitality has become legendary throughout the world! If you ask for assistance as a student, people will try their best and most truly. Turks will greet you as a guest, and there will be enough goodies to gratify you. You may be certain that you will not miss your home here!

8. Modern Technological Campuses

Regardless of which of the 206 institutions you attend, you will enjoy a modern and convenient campus life complete with cutting-edge technology. 

9.Convenient Living Conditions

Life is more affordable than in most other countries in Turkey. You can satisfy your demands for lodging, food and beverages, and entertainment at reasonable pricing. You can stay in dorms on or near university campuses, or you can rent a house for a reasonable price. Furthermore, as a student, you receive discounted tickets or can view the movie at the theater for less.

Turkey is also easily accessible from Central Asia and Europe. There are numerous sights to see in Turkey, so you can get everywhere you want fast and pleasantly. 

10- Prospects for Education in Turkey

Universities in Turkey provide a wide variety of courses taught in English. Turkish is the fifth most spoken language and can be learned by you! The Turkish classes at your school provide an excellent opportunity to broaden your horizons and meet individuals from all walks of life, as well as to hone your language skills.

Admissions for International Students to Study in Turkey

Students seeking a bachelor's degree in Turkey who have finished their secondary education in a high school or institution comparable to a Turkish school of education. StudySehir Educational Consultancy will help you through your admission process to study in Turkey.

Graduate/postgraduate international students intending to continue their studies in Turkey can contact StudySehir Educational Consultancy for assistance with their applications. There are also numerous scholarship opportunities for international students to study in Turkey.

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees are applied differently in public and private universities.

Before enrolling in classes at the start of a semester, students must pay tuition costs for that semester. It is distributed through a variety of scholarships at both public and non-profit foundation universities, where a specific number of students are admitted. These scholarships may be eligible for partial tuition waivers, merit-based awards, or scholarship funding. Some of these scholarships may cover academic materials, lodging, food and beverages, and even grants. In addition to this assistance, student scholarships and research assistance are two other types of assistance that can help you while studying in Turkey.

 What Foreign Students Need to Know in Order to Attend Universities in Turkey

The number of students coming to study from overseas has begun to rise as the quality of our universities has improved. There are numerous reasons why foreign students pick Turkey for their education. This is why, one of the first in Turkey as a treasure for students who wish to understand various cultures, our country has made a lot of civilizations, our country is located in a region that is considered the cradle of civilization. Another issue is the increase in the number of universities that have begun to appear in global rankings.

Our universities' entrance standards, as sought by international students, are comparable to those of public and private universities. Private universities, which generally have the same entrance standards as public universities, might impose some unique stipulations.

Turkey has established specific conditions for receiving international students for training. These are the conditions that we can list:

Foreign Student Admission Requirements for Undergraduate Programs

Foreign students applying to study in Turkey must present certain documentation required by the universities to the university units. The following are the documents sought by universities:

       Copy of your ID or passport

       Note transcript and high school diploma

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