• Pharmacy; It is an academic discipline that incorporates the science and technique of preparing, distributing and reviewing drugs and providing additional clinical services. Since most of the drugs used in the health sector are produced by pharmaceutical companies, professional practices are clinically oriented. Pharmacies are classified as either a pharmacy community or an institutional pharmacy depending on the situation. Providing direct patient care in the corporate community of pharmacies is considered a clinical pharmacy. 

    • How Many Years Is The Duration Of Pharmacy Education? 

    Faculty of Pharmacy is a 4-year undergraduate department that is given education within the faculty of the same name. Pharmacy is preferred according to the result obtained from the numerical score type. 

    • What are the courses of the Department of Pharmacy? 

    Pharmacy is a professional group that complements medical practitioners in the health sector. Candidate students who aim to include this section in their preference lists; 

      • Pharmacy History and Terminology, 
      • Pharmacy Legislation, 
      • Analytical and Organic Chemistry, 
      • Pharmacy and Basic Medical Science, 
      • Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, 
      • Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Care, 
      • Pharmaceutical Technology Applications, 
      • Pharmacognosy Practices, 
      • Drugs Used in Phytotherapy, 
      • Evidence-Based Pharmacy and Research, 
      • Nutraceutical Substances and Products, 
      • Chemical Nomenclature of Organic Compounds and Drugs, 
      • Plants Used in Cosmetics, 
      • Pharmaceutical Active Ingredients Production in Turkey, 
      • Approved Recombinant Antibodies, 
      • Practical Symptomatology Knowledge for Pharmacists, 
      • Innovative Approaches in Antisense Technology, 
      • Upper Respiratory Diseases and Drugs, 

    And they will be obliged to successfully complete many more courses during their 8-semester education. Pharmacy students also have hospital and pharmacy internships throughout their education. "Faculty of Pharmacy Undergraduate Diploma" is presented. The graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy are given the title of "pharmacist". 

    • What Does a Pharmacy Graduate Do? 

    It aims to link health sciences with pharmaceutical sciences and to ensure safe, effective and affordable use of drugs. 

    • What are the Job Opportunities for a Pharmacy Graduate? 

    Career opportunities for newly graduated pharmacists are; 

      • Personal Pharmacy, 
      • Hospital Pharmacy and Clinics, 
      • Pharmaceutical Industry, 
      • In Cosmetic Companies, 
      • In Forensic Medicine Institutions, 
      • In Pharmaceutical Warehouses, 
      • Industrial Pharmacy Institutions (Production, Test, R&D, Epidemiology, Pharmacoepidemiology), 
      • In Clinical Research Laboratories, 
      • Social Security Institution 

    They can create a working space for themselves in areas such as. Apart from these, they can continue their academic career and work as an instructor at universities. 


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