Study in Turkey

study in turkey

Study in Turkey

What drives you to make it your first educational experience? A comprehensive overview of studying in Turkey.

Studying in Turkey has always been a dream that entices the young before the old, so who of us does not seek to study in a country whose universities top the lists of world classifications, according to last year’s statistics, 82 Turkish universities entered the list of the best international universities for 2019, ranking sixth in the world, ahead of all of France, South Korea, Germany, Italy and Canada.

What are the advantages of studying in Turkey? What are the public universities and private universities in Turkey? What about the Turkish scholarship? What is the cost of education in Turkey if I want to study there on my own expense?

Advantages of studying in Turkey:

  • Educational quality comparable to European universities, but at low costs compared to them, whether in tuition fees or the cost of living.
  • A university is not without libraries, scientific research centers, and laboratories, so there is no place for dry theoretical information.
  • Wide global recognition of its degrees in the European Union and the United States of America, and a number of its universities were able to gain recognition in the countries of the Middle East and Asia.
  • You do not have to master Turkish anymore, as some universities have moved in the way of offering full study programs in the English language.
  • You will not suffer the trouble of distances and the loss of time in transportation daily, as most universities have student housing on their campus, and if they do not own that, then they have partnerships with housing close to the university at reasonable prices.
  • Picturesque nature, a country rich in fascinating historical and archaeological civilizations and monuments, and most importantly, a friendly and hospitable people who view cultural diversity as a source of wealth.

Turkish public universities:

The last ten years have witnessed an increase in the number of universities in Turkey, from 76 universities to nearly two hundred universities, distributed geographically to all Turkish states, and it is scheduled to reach 500 universities by 2023.

Two-thirds of those universities went to public universities, and they did not lead in quantity alone, but in quality and qualitity. The most famous example of this is Istanbul Technical University (ITU):

One of the top 500 universities around the world, with a history dating back more than 250 years, as it was one of the first technical universities in the world.

As for the language adopted in teaching, it is Turkish in most public universities, and some majors may be taught in English, and it is not satisfied with your high school diploma, but it requires admission tests such as Yös or SAT.

Private universities in Turkey:

It is a center of attraction for Arab and foreign international students, as it does not require any entrance exams to join it, and it offers most of its programs completely in English, and is characterized by the diversity and abundance of its specializations, so it is not possible for the specialization that you aspire to not be available in one of them.

It was able to occupy a high position among the universities of the world in a relatively short period of time, as it is open to first-world universities greatly through establishing partnerships with European and American universities, and exchanging experiences with them, not only that, but also keen to provide a unique global experience for its students through their participation in programs European student exchange.

Today we recommend some of the best for you:

  1. Bahcesehir University.
  2. Istanbul Medipol University.
  3. Istanbul Aydin University.
  4. Istanbul Okan University.

We also refer to the possibility of applying to these universities and other private universities in Turkey by means of the Study Services Company, with reduced tuition fees, as we are accredited agents not intermediaries for these universities, and 100% free university admission is guaranteed.

Our services are not limited to that, but rather cover your requirements from A to Z, which are as follows:

  • We provide you with full support to obtain a Turkish visa.
  • We help you to obtain a Turkish phone line and extract your transportation card.
  • We help you in providing the appropriate accommodation.
  • We offer you assistance with the equivalence of your certificate.
  • There is an employee who accompanies you and helps you during your registration procedures at the university. We help you complete the residency procedures.
  • We offer you free health insurance for treatment in state hospitals, and it provides discounts in private ones.
  • We offer you full support during your studies until graduation in addition to postgraduate services.
  • In addition to airport pick-up service.

Turkish scholarship:

This year, the Turkish Scholarship Administration provided nearly 5,000 grants, and more than 20,000 grants are scheduled to arrive by 2023, and the most important characteristic of the Turkish scholarship is that it is fully funded, and here is a list of what this grant provides you:

  • Study visa and two round-trip tickets to your country.
  • 100% free study, in addition to student housing, including food and drink services, heating and the Internet.
  • Comprehensive health insurance, which provides you with free treatment in government hospitals and discounts in private ones.
  • A monthly stipend that provides you with a decent living.

It is also possible that you visit your country on holidays and official holidays at your personal expense.

The cost of studying in Turkey:

This high quality of education was not an obstacle to setting reasonable and low tuition fees when compared to its European counterparts and most universities that approximate it in the academic level, as university fees here start from $2000, this is what made it a destination for about 178 thousand foreign students, in addition to that. The low cost of living, as you can suffice with an amount ranging from 400 to 500 dollars per month, including housing expenses, in addition to the advantages enjoyed by the student in Turkey, including a monthly transportation card of $8.

In conclusion, it must be pointed out that this great development in the education sector in Turkey was not the result of yesterday, but rather the outcome of great efforts made over many years, all of this under the supervision of the Turkish Higher Education Council (YÖK), which works continuously to raise the level of education and make it keeping up with international standards, in addition to financial support from the Turkish government, as it announced at the end of 2019 that it had raised the education budget from 7.5 billion to 114 billion liras.

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